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Frary + passion (requested by anonymous)


Mom: “You’re the only teenager that spends their whole day on the internet”


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you deserve to be happy. you deserve nothing more than you deserve to love yourself- love every bit of yourself and your life. don’t let your mind take control of you, take control of your mind. laugh more and appreciate what people do for you. appreciate nature; breathe in sync with the trees, let your soul dance in the wind. love the earth and love yourself, as you are part of it. you’re beautiful

❝I never understood,
How people could fall out of love.
Love is a promise, love is forever.
If you can fall out of love with someone,
Were you ever really in love to begin with?❞
(sjf (via fuck-ew-its-me))

get to know me meme | 1/5 favorite movies » Stuck in Love (2013)

I get these flashes of clarity, brilliant clarity where, for a second, I stop and I think: wait, this is it, this is my life. I better slow down and enjoy it because one day we’re all going to end up in the ground and that’ll be it. We’ll be gone."

❝If love is setting a place at the table for someone who is never coming home, I think I’ll pass.❞
(Stuck In Love (2012))